Gingerbread cookies

While we’ve had a few snowy days here in Vilnius, it doesn’t really smell like winter yet. There’s no crisp cold to hurry inside from – no burning ears; no red noses; no wrapping yourself into your scarf so deeply that your friends don’t recognize you; no children riding sleds down snowy slopes, screaming from … Continue reading Gingerbread cookies


Pumpkin spice waffles

I recently acquired my very first waffle maker, so you can imagine my excitement when the door to the world of waffle making was finally opened to me. Honestly though, the first time I tried a home-made waffle I was kind of disappointed. I used the first recipe I came across on the Internet after … Continue reading Pumpkin spice waffles

never enough pizza

What’s your favorite pizza dough recipe? I know that a lot of us prefer the premade pizza dough found in the grocery stores and hey, I agree, it really can be a huge time-saver at times. But usually, I like to make pizza dough from scratch. Yes, it is much more time-consuming, but it really … Continue reading never enough pizza

Say Cheeeese!

Some weeks are just hard. I mean exams-hard. The end of the semester is officially getting closer so I am sleeves-up in cramming but all I want to do nowadays is make beautiful cakes and dress them in pink frosting. And maybe watch Audrey Hepburn take a holiday in Rome, or Paris. And get a … Continue reading Say Cheeeese!

Welcome, Spring!

Hey there, people, I thought, what better time to revive this blog, if not Spring? It’s been gathering dust for a while now and I think it’s time I brought it back to life. And what better way to bring it back to life than with a wonderful green springtime salad? There is something about … Continue reading Welcome, Spring!


So, can anyone explain to me how September is gone so fast?! It seems like it was just a couple of days ago that I was writing about my excitement that autumn had finally come, and now a third of it is already gone. And I haven’t even made an apple pie yet! At least … Continue reading Fridays

My Praise to Autumn and Caramel Desserts

Hey, everyone, it’s September! My favorite time of the year has officially started! Now I don’t need justification for listening to all the slow, lyrical songs, wearing too many layers, and drinking tea on every occasion. It’s the perfect time to make all the wonderful-smelling apple pies and cakes and pumpkin soup galore. Also, it’s … Continue reading My Praise to Autumn and Caramel Desserts